Month: March 2021

Reward and reputation system to foster contribution in Open Innovation (I)

Beyond the will for contribution to the greater good, which applies to non-profit innovation challenges, the main way to attract talent and engage contribution is the reward and reputation system, which has to be carefully designed to accurately assess and fairly compensate innovators for the value they bring in.

A selection of the best Destination Videos

Marketing destinations is about marketing experiences, and the best way to make people envision the experiences they can live is video content marketing

Designing and developing a network of innovators (III)

Beyond attracting all kinds of contributors, there have to be some strategic guidelines to foster engagement and stimulate contribution on an ongoing basis. This article provides some guidelines for this purpose.

Designing and developing a network of innovators (II)

Following with the first article of this series, this second article focuses on the strategy phases targeting the other three groups of stakeholders: employees outside the marketing team, the destination business partners, the local community members and the value-driven communities.