Digital nomads and combining work with leisure

Work and leisure are becoming “close partners” for many travelers: while some combine business trips with short holidays others, namely digital nomads, work at the same time as they travel. The share of freelancers and entrepreneurs increases more than ever before, and more workers feel free to travel while they work, especially those whose job is carried out online and can be done from any location with internet access. These are the digital nomads.

Many destinations near business hubs tend to benefit from leisure extensions to business trips and they carry out specific strategies to attract such business travelers. The so-called Bleisure travel –a combination of Business and leisure – can be shaped in many ways. Sometimes it is just a weekend in the middle of a business trip longer than one week, sometimes it is just about taking a day off in between many meetings, or enjoying a long afternoon after a short working journey. The most classic option is to do the leisure trip once the business mission is accomplished, although many options can be combined. Some companies include such leisure trips as perks for their employees.

With regards to digital nomads, there are some destinations especially popular for them, like Bali or Amsterdam, which have positioned themselves as nomadic work hubs, as they add the advantage of adventure to their working experience. Digital nomads like changing locations without being attached to any place and finding anti-lonely communes, places where to meet like-minded individuals to build relationships, enjoy their leisure time and do professional networking. Companies such as WeLive, Roam, or the Collective, offer apartment-style “co-living” communes matching with the digital nomads’ needs. Other interesting initiatives like Nom – an “in-person social network” where members meet in networking events – reinforces the strength of this sociological and tourism trend.

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Posted by Jordi Pera

Jordi Pera is an economist passionate about tourism, strategy, marketing, sustainability, business modelling and open innovation. He has international experience in marketing, intelligence research, strategy planning, business model innovation and lecturing, having developed most of his career in the tourism industry. Jordi is keen on tackling innovation and strategy challenges that require imagination, entail thoughtful analysis and are to be solved with creative solutions.

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