Month: December 2018

Destination Marketing For Millennials

Millennials are the new tourist generation. Even if they still account for a small percentage of the market, they are an interesting target to consider. This article explains how destination marketing has to adapt to this new wave of tourists.

Building a culture of innovation: key strategies

Implementing culture change to foster innovation friendly mindsets and behaviors should be carried out following a series of specific strategies.

Why is a Bland Place Brand the Fast Path to a Non-Brand? – PART ONE

Despite advocating for stakeholder participation in the branding decision-making process, the right choice is not likely to be the one that pleases all the participants. The marketers opinions should have a much higher consideration, so long as the brand is to attract customers, and that’s the marketers’ job

Building a culture of innovation: key attitudes

As it happens with the collaborative culture, building a culture of innovation requires specific attitudes on the leaders’ side to trigger innovation friendly behaviors on the rest of the organization.