Month: November 2018

Using Pinterest for Destination Marketing

Pinterest is one of the emerging social media platforms, with many special features that make it interesting for some businesses. This article explains what Pinterest can do to market a destination

How collaborative leaders manage to build a collaborative culture

Building a collaborative culture, as in any culture change process, requires appropriate leadership. Collaborative leaders are therefore the first and most important change driver.

Whose Place Brand is it Anyway?

As with most strategies, but actually above most of them, branding strategy needs to be consistent and long term lasting to be effective. Therefore, beyond the need for consensus among destination stakeholders, it is necessary that destination executives respect the “branding legacy” of their predecessors and look for consensus in case they see any need for change

Building a culture of collaboration: key success factors

One of the hallmarks of destinations 3.0 is the power of the collaborative culture. However, building such kind of culture is sometimes a daunting challenge, which needs to take into account several success factors