Month: October 2018

Is Transmedia Storytelling the New Marketing?

Storytelling is in the core of new marketing, and transmedia storytelling is the latest and most advanced way to tell stories. Is therefore transmedia storytelling the new and most advanced marketing system?

Why Isn’t Anyone Supporting our City Brand?

Rebranding a destination entails much more than just the creative job of crafting the new brand’s logo and tagline. This article explains briefly the key steps not to be missed.

Developing internal leadership talent

Destinations 3.0 rely on the community’s human resources for their development. Therefore it is necessary to train and develop the local talent’s leadership skills, among others.

Key Takeaways from #SoMeT13US, the Social Media Tourism Symposium

Marketing is evolving faster than ever in all sectors, and tourism is not an exception. This article explains some key marketing trends affecting tourism

How leadership makes the culture change

Leadership is the key element that triggers culture change, by selling the vision, walking the talk and developing a strategy that lets the people see some positive results of the culture change already in the short term, leaders manage to drive the culture change.