Month: July 2018

What Makes a Good Story (From 6 Masters of the Craft)

Marketing is not only about satisfying the clients’ needs, it is essentially about connecting the business with the market, with people, and stories are the best way to establish such connection

Small Town Tourism and Transmedia Storytelling

A lot has been already explained about Transmedia Storytelling, but nothing better than a case study that illustrates how this works for destinations

Creating a Baseline to Measure Your New Marketing Results

Marketing planning is an exciting but complex challenge in most cases. This article summarizes the process in 4 steps, highlighting the importance and procedure of KPI monitoring, too often overlooked!

3 Transmedia Tactics for Creating Compelling Audience Experiences

Standing out in the digital media among all content is -needless to say- a challenge that few professionals truly manage to succeed in. This article explains 3 tactics to hook your readers’ attention and awake interest in following you in subsequent chapters or stories

Is Your Tourism Marketing Tapping into Visitor Feelings?

Some marketers still believe that listing and explaining the outstanding features or attractions is everything when marketing a destination. However, the truth is that feelings and emotions are not only what tourists are looking for, but also the key to influence their decision making.

Developing leadership for change: 4 levels of leadership (II)

The two leadership stages prepared for leading change are the Creative and Integrative. This article explains briefly what do they consist of

Why Storytelling is So Important to Marketing

A lot has already been said about storytelling, but this article brings in some interesting insights, especially those concerning transmedia storytelling

Developing leadership for change: 4 levels of leadership (I)

To understand how leaders can drive culture change it is first necessary to understand how leaders develop the capability to do so. This article introduces The Leadership Circle Profile framework on leadership development to help you understand so.

Collaborative tourism: is it an original business model?

A lot has been written about the new sharing economy business models, also labelled as collaborative tourism models. However, despite some innovative aspects of the models, it is interesting to reflect about all the building blocks of the models, so to see to what extent are these models really innovative