Month: June 2018

Creating and communicating a vision for culture change (II)

The best way to plan the culture change you need to implement is to craft a Case for Change. This article explains briefly what it consists of.

Overcoming resistance to change

Attempting to change an organization’s culture is more than likely to be a daunting challenge, namely because of the many inhibitors to change. This article explains some key strategies to overcome change inhibitors

Tomorrow’s DMOs Must Become Brand Managers

Marketing digitalization is leading to changing roles in managing all marketing activities. This article explains how some of these roles should change in destination marketing

Kotter’s model of culture change

John Kotter is known as the number one guru of culture change. This article explains his model on how to thrive in changing an organization’s culture

Creating and communicating a vision for culture change (I)

Culture change starts by raising awareness and persuading on the need for the change. This is done by crafting a vision for change

Southern Success Story: Effective Online Tourism Marketing of US Gulf Coast States

Internet marketing accounts for the bulk of the marketing efforts in the tourism industry. However, this efforts are truly successful only in some cases. This article showcases an example on how online marketing can be truly effective for a destination.

The Impact of Social Media on Creativity

Tourism 3.0 aspires to leverage all stakeholders creativity through open innovation systems in order to boost the value of the destination experiences and the power of its marketing system. This article explains how social media can help in inspiring creativity in “non creative individuals”

Why is it convenient to develop a new culture?

Transforming a conventional destination into the Tourism 3.0 approach is no easy challenge. One of the key factors for success will be building a culture of collaboration and innovation. This is the first of a series of articles explaining briefly all the key issues of the culture change process.