Month: May 2018

Why Isn’t Anyone Supporting our City Brand?

Destination brands cannot be created artificially out of someone’s imagination. Rather they have to be based on the local reality and the stakeholders opinion’s, also to gain their support in the development of the brand.

Searching for a Sustainable Destination Management Model in Jordan

Building a sustainable development model is a challenge for any destination, so long as the balanced point between all forces is difficult to find and usually more difficult to attain. This article provides some clues with the support of a case study.

Is Place Branding Still Relevant for Cities?

With the marketing digitalization, destination branding has gained significant relevance, so long as the brand is subject to continuous and visible comments, news and opinions which eventually determine the brand image of a destination.

Why Do We Need Public–Private Partnerships in Sustainable Tourism?

Tourism development can barely ever be carried out by the private sector itself: from the service facilities to the destination marketing, governments have a key role in its development. Shaping collaborative models between private and public sector is therefore essential for the destination’s success.

How to Involve Locals in Destination Management & Marketing

Involving locals in the tourism development is one of the key hallmarks of Tourism 3.0. This article explains an interesting case study showcasing how this collaboration can be achieved.

How to measure transmedia experiences

Transmedia is the latest strategy to optimize the storytelling effectiveness, which consists on combining various media to deliver the story, further leveraging the strengths of each media platform. Measuring success is more complex, but this article provides some clues.

The Evolution of Destination Management

Tourism 3.0 sets a reference model for many aspects of the destination’s development, as an ideal to be attained rather in the mid or long term. This article explains the current progress in destination management, in the direction towards Tourism 3.0

5 recommendable Destination Branding Books

Destination branding principles remain invariable to some extent. However, the evolution of marketing makes it mandatory to update the branding principles and adapt them to the latest marketing trends.

Destination Management Planning Initiative for the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Sustainable management is one of the key principles of Tourism 3.0. This case study showcases how some of these practices are implemented in a destination.