Month: March 2018

The World Bank builds country ownership in the National Tourism Strategy of Georgia

This case study showcases how not only execution but also tourism development planning requires strong contribution and engagement by local stakeholders. Without a good understanding of the local reality, planning is rather unlikely to be successful.

How to Avoid Being Anytown, USA Part 4

This is the fourth and final part of this series reviewing how your city can avoid being a bland imitation of other places. This post includes a series of considerations to draft a tourism development strategy for cities that have never been successfully marketed as destinations.

Amplify Your Roar: Leverage Social Media to Market Your Destination

With social media the marketing paradigms have radically changed. Adapting to these changes entails radically redesigning the whole marketing strategy. This article poses a few key questions to assess how good is a destination’s social media marketing

How to Avoid Being Anytown, USA: Part Three

Beyond the advantage for tourism development, caring about the city’s image and landscaping also has many benefits for other sectors of the economy, so long as it gains an advantage at gaining talent and therefore also further investments.

How to Avoid Being Anytown, USA: Part Two

Many towns which have never focused their attention on the tourism industry are now trying to define their identity to build their destination brand. This challenge requires a thorough process to follow.

The Basics of Integrated Marketing Programs

In other blog posts we have been talking a lot about Integrated Marketing, but what exactly is an integrated marketing program? And why is it important?

How to Avoid Being Anytown, USA – Part 1

Setting a destination apart from others is not easy if it lacks distinctive resources. This series of articles explain what to avoid doing and what destinations can do to develop an attractive brand.

Tourism’s Important Role in Conservation Projects

Tourism development and conservation of the natural heritage have been and are still regarded as rather incompatible concepts. This article explains why this is not necessarily true: it is actually possible to create synergies between them in a destination.

Storytelling: What Makes a Good Story?

Storytelling has proved to be the most effective marketing strategy to attract and engage costumers. The digital era is now reviving it adapting the core concepts to the new technological environment.