Month: January 2018

It Takes a Culture of Collaboration to Deliver a Place Brand

So long as the destination brand promise is delivered through each of its service business and local population, a successful brand delivery requires not only convincing all local stakeholders to buy in but also to make them collaborate

Tourism and Conservation: Connecting the Dots

Beyond the first boom of ecotourism and sustainable tourism by the end of the last century, a new focus is necessary to keep on achieving the goals for which it was conceived.

What’s the Difference Between Branding and Marketing?

Branding and marketing are key concepts which are too often mistakenly used interchangeably. This article is to clear doubts about each of these concepts.

Tourism: The Business of Protected Areas

While it is usually said that tourism activity is a threat to the conservation of environmentally fragile areas, the truth is that these areas rely on tourism as the main source of revenue, and that it does not pose any threat when it is properly managed.

5 Common Mistakes in Business Planning

Destination planning may take know how from many disciplines, but business planning is likely to be always present, at least when it goes micro

What’s Involved in Destination Leadership Success?

So long as the tourism industry landscape and marketing trends evolve, DMO development has to adjust necessarily to this changing environment. This article is about a book on DMO design, development and management.

Using Twitter for Storytelling

Twitter is no doubt one of the most influential social networks, as all marketers know. But telling stories through this microblogging network requires some specific know-how, which is summarized in this article.