Month: November 2017

Making collaboration efficient when face to face is not possible

Collaborative innovation is always a challenge. However, when innovation teams are spread out geographically, virtual collaboration becomes the only solution. This entails a new collaborative approach.

Are Emotional Benefits Always in Your Destination and Place Branding?

Any brand is defined by a central identity and a bunch of values that characterize its personality. These values convey certain emotions to the client, and are ultimately a very important factor in the decision making process.

Special interest tourism experiences

Special interest travel considered as a segment is probably among the most appealing for any destination, not only for its growth and its expenditure, but also for the tourist profile and the contribution to the destination’s sustainable development

Spiritual tourism

Among the emerging special interest travel segments, spiritual tourism holds a privileged position, as it goes far beyond religious tourism

Voluntourism, beyond responsible tourism

Beyond the practices related to responsible tourism, a new wave of tourism is appearing, in which the visitor has an active role in addressing the destination’s social or environmental challenges

Shared decisions feel better

Empowering the local community to participate in the decision making of the destination’s development is not only a smart way to leverage the collective intelligence but also to commit the locals in the tourism business, as they are actually a very important factor in its success

Dinner at my home? It’s 30 Euros

After transport sharing, home accommodation, home dinning is the latest trend in the collaborative tourism

Guides that are not guides

The raise of collaborative platforms is going beyond accommodation or transport sharing, to boost tourism experiences with locals such as sightseeing, dinning in private homes, etc.

Smart destinations

The SMART city trend is being introduced in the destination development strategies. This article explains the main features of Smart destinations, with some examples.