Month: October 2017

Future tourists

The travel market evolves through the development of new niche and segments according to different kinds of motivations. This article summarizes a latest report on this issue.

The innovation challenge in destinations

Destinations rivalry in the globalized travel market is stronger than ever, for it is necessary to develop ongoing innovation practices in many aspects of the business.

Bringing value through social tourism

Corporate Social Responsibility may be developed through many types of policies in the tourism industry. This article explains some of these policies.

Human digital tourism

Business digitalization changes the rules not only for the management or marketing practices, but also for leadership. New generation leaders need digital skills to succeed from now on.

Sustainable management of tourism destinations: challenges, goals and advantages

Destination models 3.0 sets not only economic development goals, but also environmental and social sustainability goals. This article develops all the sustainable development goals according to UNWTO

Collaborative tourism: is it an original business model?

Despite the innovative appeal of the so called collaborative platforms, there are many disadvantages in terms of risks for the consumer that are not usually taken into account, among many other issues upon which this article proposes a reflection

Digital transformation in Tourism

As in most industries, digital technology is also transforming the tourism business. However, the unique nature of this industry makes the digital transformation to be unique as well

Tourism business trends for 2017: Social responsibility is profitable

Beyond ethical concerns, responsible practices are a significant contributor to long-term business profitability. This article provides a theoretical explanation with some examples from the tourism industry.

Tourism 3.0 – Innovation and digital competences

Beyond the mega-trends that set Tourism 3.0 apart from conventional models, it is evident that not only the future but also the present state of the tourism industry is to be developed upon the new technologies along the whole industry value chain