Month: May 2017

Cluster based competitive advantages

Considering clusters as tourism destinations, there are many possible sources of cluster based competitive advantages, many of which are up to operators and destination planners.

Types of tourism clusters

When classifying clusters, these may be distinguished according to their origin or according to marketing criteria, such as the type or variety of products offered.

The origins of tourism clusters

The clusters may be created as a result of many different phenomena, though in the case of tourism destinations this is usually the concentration of natural or cultural heritage. However, it is interesting to see how some tourism clusters are created following a story very similar to that of industrial clusters. This is the case of Theme Park clusters.

A theoretical approach to cluster development

Clusters are a key concept to design competitive destinations as to ensure their sustainable development. However, it is necessary to consider many factors to make the clustering strategy work, where cooperation between various agents is crucial.

What is a cluster and why are they created?

Regardless of the destination’s dimension, tourism planning should always consider its cluster structure: to what extent may the destination be split into areas according to distinct natural features or different types of business concentration?

Enforcing strategy execution

Implementing new strategies is likely to require new resources, namely human resources. Further, it may be necessary to refine the strategy to convince and enforce some private stakeholders to cooperate with the destination development

Competitiveness clubs

An ideal way to foster cooperation among industry stakeholders is the creation of a Competitiveness Club, which works as a Think Tank dedicated to the destination competitiveness issues

Monitoring sustainability issues

Considering sustainability as key to competitiveness, it is necessary to monitor a series of indicators of the key factors affecting the destination sustainability

Tracking destination performance for the Competitiveness Plan

Implementing the competitiveness programs entails setting clear and measurable key performance indicators for each program. They are to help us assessing the success of each program along the implementation process.

Enhancing competitiveness through open innovation

The Open innovation system is to be one of the main sources of ideas for product improvement and new product development. There are, however, many ways to canalize the creativity from the open innovation system