Month: April 2017

Product competitiveness strategy: infrastructures and services

When assessing the site or product competitiveness, there are many issues to consider with regards to the discomforts and risks, which may unfortunately spoil the whole experience

Product competitiveness strategy: resources & experiences

Improving current products’ attractiveness is usually one of the main challenges of tourism planners, for which there are some solutions applicable in many cases

Product development programs

Beyond product co-creation, there are some standard strategies to leverage the potential of the destination in terms of product development

Product development through co-creation

Product co-creation is one of the main distinctive points of Tourism 3.0, but this may be carried out through many different ways

How to develop new products

Developing a new product entails following a specific process, though in the case of the life-changing experiences the method becomes a bit more complex

Developing value for money

Beyond the spiritual and emotional values, the rational value or value for money should not be disregarded, especially when targeting budget travellers

Developing emotional value: discomforts and risks

Certain risks and discomforts may spoil the experience and therefore harm the destination competitiveness seriously. Many of them may be solved with the right programs, though in many cases they are related to the destination’s nature and thus require a cross-destination program with a strong support from the Government

Developing destination’s emotional value: feelings

Beyond experiences, the destination atmosphere is also a key emotional factor to take into account, and there are many programs that can be developed to create a special atmosphere that sets the destination apart from others

Developing emotional value: experiences

Experiences are the core of tourism competitiveness: this is what makes the difference between a good destination and a memorable one, they are what we are likely to remember for the rest of our lives and inspire the storytelling that boosts the marketing system

Developing destination’s spiritual value

Enhancing the destination’s spiritual value is about creating positive impacts both on the environment and the local community, namely in the bottom of the pyramid, integrating all the locals as contributors to the tourism system, and also letting them all profit from the tourism development