Month: February 2017

The principles and goals of a destination model: sustainability

As the core strategic framework, the model has to set the stage for a sustainable development ensuring that the new development does not comopromise the future needs of the local community

The destination model as a key factor for competitiveness and sustainability

The destination model is the main strategic framework upon which the tourism development is based. It determines the key variables that define the destination’s identity as eas the key drivers of its growth.

The transformational power of storytelling: raising social consciousness

One of the key interesting points about storytelling training for tourism 3.0 is its power for cultural transformation and community building. They are among the key goals of tourism 3.0 development and key success factors at the same time

The transformational power of storytelling: self-discovery, transferring wisdom and healing traumas

Storytelling training may be a life-changing experience itself: its power for self-discovery and healing traumas may well justify a trip to the destination!

Understanding the forces to design strategy

Either if you are a small player searching for your niche or you are a bigger one willing to make a disruptive move, a sound analysis of the forces is necessary to design a successful strategy

The transformational power of storytelling: skill development

Beyond the marketing purposes, storytelling training may have other goals such as healing traumas, raising social awareness, self-discovery, transfer of values and wisdom, etc.

Storytelling training process: assembling the pieces and reviewing the story

Assembling the audio and visual contents is an art that needs to be trained: crafting a smooth and coherent sequence is not an easy job

Changing forces, reshaping profitability

So long as new technologies appear, there are mergers and acquisitions, emerging markets, new business models, etc. the industry structure changes and so do some of the competitive forces. This changes lead almost inevitably to reshape profitability

Storytelling training process: finding visual supports and audio content

When communicating, images and sound around the story are key elements to help the audience get immersed within the story

Storytelling training process: identifying the key insights

The storytelling training follows a detailed process, starting by the identification of the key story insights