Month: December 2016

The 5 Competitive forces: the threat of new entrants. Barriers to entry or challenges to compete successfully

Beyond the barriers to start operating a business, there are those to make the business competitive and profitable over the long term: these are essential to ensure the sustainability of the business

Principles of story marketing for destinations

Beyond imagination and writing skills, storytelling requires considering some strategy and tactical tips to become effective

How storytelling turns into effective marketing

Storytelling turns to be effective marketing so long as the audience establish an emotional connection with the character. You first have to sell the story, and then the product!

The 5 Competitive forces: the threat of new entrants. Initial barriers to entry

When analyzing whether to compete or not in a business sector, there are many issues to analyze. First of all, the barriers to start operating the business

Story innovation concepts: added value & crowd game driven experiences

Beyond the story driven experience in the destination, the story potential for business and influence may be leveraged in many ways, providing added value experiences

Story innovation concepts: story platform

A story platform is not only the scenario where the story takes place, but also the backbone of the story, the key elements from which every contributor may create his or her own story

Key tourism industry players

When analyzing the 5 competitive forces and the industry structure, it is necessary to have a layout of the key industry players

Destination story based experience prototypes

Envisioning story driven experiences it is necessary that the experience creates compelling stories and that the story receivers have the chance to live their own similar story. The limits are just our imagination…

Story innovation framework and guidelines

When drafting new types of story driven experiences in a destination, there are many variables to take into account, given the potential complexity we can envision

Attractiveness assessment for the tourism industry

When assessing which businesses are more appropriate to develop in the destination there are many variables to analyze, starting by the 5 competitive forces