In the network development process, one of the targets to engage at the outset are the employees outside of the marketing team, who should convey the idea that content creation and storytelling is a shared responsibility beyond the marketing department. Along with the shared values as institutional standards of behavior, employees have to become community change agents leading by example in the local community. To encourage employees outside of the marketing team in creating content, consider the following tips:

  • Explain them the value of content marketing for the destination and mission pursuit
  • Train them at the beginning in creating their pieces of content until they start enjoying it and feel confident to do it by themselves
  • Ask the CEO and the top executives to include content creation in the annual goals and to lead by example by giving ideas and co-creating content with the marketing team.
  • Explain them how they can build their personal brands and become thought leaders
  • Create in-company contests to stimulate employee contribution, offering some symbolic but significant prize for the winners in many categories, so many can win.
  • Encourage them to share their content within their circle of influence and spread the word about the mission driven purpose, the new content creation and storytelling system.

Would you consider other tips to engage employees outside of the marketing team?

Posted by Jordi Pera

Jordi Pera is an economist passionate about tourism, strategy, marketing, sustainability, business modelling and open innovation. He has international experience in marketing, intelligence research, strategy planning, business model innovation and lecturing, having developed most of his career in the tourism industry. Jordi is keen on tackling innovation and strategy challenges that require imagination, entail thoughtful analysis and are to be solved with creative solutions.

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