Month: September 2016

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Guidelines for an advocacy strategy

Beyond contribution to the content creation and product development, network members are also to be encouraged to advocate for the brand destination and its mission purpose. They are to be the destination’s brand ambassadors

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Tips to foster engagement throughout the stakeholder community

Engaging is not just about being liked or managing to make others share your content, it is about establishing an emotional and spiritual connection with the network members, empowering them in contributing to the mission accomplishment bringing in their talent and effort

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Engaging local community members, value-driven communities and individuals

Once the key stakeholders are engaged, the local community and the value driven communities are to expand the contributors’ network leveraging the collective intelligence to the utmost

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Engaging partners

Partners are an essential component of collaborative business models, and when we develop a marketing system 3.0 we are actually changing an important part of the destination business model

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Engaging employees outside of the marketing team

Beyond the marketing department, it is convenient to engage the employees of other departments in the content creation

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Engaging leaders and influencers

The first and most strategic stakeholders to engage in the development of a Marketing model 3.0 are the community and industry leaders, and all those who have power of influence on the target communities

The Marketing Plan 3.0: key principles of network development

Developing a network requires vision, strategy and following a set of values and principles that should not be overlooked

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Overcoming barriers in the social media adoption

The adoption of the social media tools is likely to be one of the key challenges of the culture change process: tackling with fears and misconceptions requires a thoughtful strategy and implementation

The Marketing Plan 3.0: changing values and behaviors

The implementation of a Marketing system 3.0 entails not only developing new strategies and tactics, but also involving a large community of stakeholders, for it is likely to be necessary to change some of their behaviors and attitudes to foster cooperation and adoption of the social media tools

The Marketing Plan 3.0: selling the vision to investors

As in many cases some investments are needed, there also has to be a strategy to attract investors without spoiling the mission driven model. This requires sometimes to find imaginative formulas to when designing the investment projects