Every social media platform has unique features and therefore is suited for different purposes and different targets, though most of them may be suitable for many purposes and audiences. However, in formulating the social media strategy, it is necessary to determine for every social media platform what kind of contents are to be used and which targets are to be reached. It is therefore convenient to research the following issues for each of our target audiences:

  • How engaged are our target audiences in social media and on which platforms?
  • What other brands or organizations do our targets follow or interact with in social media?
  • What social media strategies are using our competitors?

What else would you research on in relation to our targets?

Posted by Jordi Pera

Jordi Pera is an economist passionate about tourism, strategy, marketing, sustainability, business modelling and open innovation. He has international experience in marketing, intelligence research, strategy planning, business model innovation and lecturing, having developed most of his career in the tourism industry. Jordi is keen on tackling innovation and strategy challenges that require imagination, entail thoughtful analysis and are to be solved with creative solutions.

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