Month: June 2016

Destination Models 3.0: Development strategies (II)

Open Innovation system development Being one of the key assets to invigorate creativity and sustain the destination model competitive advantage, it is necessary to design a set of strategies to engage stakeholders in contributing up […]

Destination Models 3.0: Development strategies (I)

Once designed the architecture of the model, it’s time to design the strategies to develop it up to the utmost of its potential. The development strategies are likely to be quite different depending on the initial scenario, whether it is a resort, a decentralized destination or a group of resources to be exploited for the tourism business

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Monitoring programs’ performance

Whenever there is being implemented a competitiveness program or a marketing campaign it is convenient to track the evolution of its intended impact to orientate the destination decision makers on the best strategy to follow in every case

Destination Marketing 3.0: Mobile Apps 3.0

An interesting way to foster stakeholder contribution and interactivity could be the Mobile Apps 3.0. These would be not only to provide information about the destination, but also to empower tourists and other stakeholders to connect with each other and contribute in the content marketing system

Destination Models 3.0: Integrating partners (V)

In many cases the tourism development will require not only to integrate businesses, land and facilities’ owners, but also to invest in developing new infrastructure or renovating heritage and urban aesthetics, for it may be necessary to attract investors beyond the local players

Destination Models 3.0: Integrating partners (IV)

The challenge of integrating all the community of stakeholders requires its own marketing plan, usually known as internal marketing plan. This plan should encompass the target stakeholders to attract in every phase, the integration formulas, and the communication strategies and actions to achieve these goals

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Tracking tourist satisfaction in social media

Tourists’ satisfaction is key to boost destination recommendation, and friends & relatives recommendations have proved to be the best marketing. Therefore, monitoring their satisfaction and identifying reasons for dissatisfaction is key for marketing the destination successfully

Destination Marketing 3.0: Co-creation workshops

An interesting activity both to promote contribution and to educate people on creating in collaboration are the Co-creation workshops